Support preservation, equality, charity, and kindness: My 10% plan

“Darkness cannot drive out darkness; only light can do that. Hate cannot drive out hate; only love can do that.” – Martin Luther King, Jr.

I shared this last night because I’m really struggling with what to DO now.

First, I want to remember that not all the supporters of Trump are pussy-grabbing bomb-lovers who want to banish all other races from the United States. Among them are caring, wonderful, loving people who are as frustrated with things as we are.

I have met many of them, and I even have them in my family, and most of them feel that Trump is just “not good with words.” They don’t take what he says literally, they just feel like he is clumsy and over-states things.

To me, this alone makes him unfit to be President, but that is not the shared opinion of this nation.

Second, I want to remember that this is NOT the “silent majority,” as long as there are people who would vote for compassion and equality who remain unmotivated to vote for a two-party system.

I’m not a political person (I mean, I research the issues and I vote, but I find the government so bafflingly complicated that I would not be the person to organize such a movement), but I think THIS is the time to work on ways we can come up with alternatives to this “the lesser of two evils” political system.

When I was in Germany, I learned they have a six-party system because everyone gets three votes. People can pour their votes into one person, or people can distribute their votes among their favorite candidates. Would that work for the US? I do not know. If you are a political strategist, for the love of God, please propose something, and QUICK, when everyone still cares, and before Trump is in the office. I think we all want something we can get behind.

Once again, by the way, the Democratic candidate won the popular vote, but the electoral college went to Trump. SOMEONE with a bigger political interest has got to work on that.

Third, and personally most importantly, the reason I posted that quote last night is because I feel that we must become MIGHTY. We must grow prosperous and dedicate our voice, energy, and wealth to causes and people who further LOVE and COMPASSION.

I spent my whole life being a fraction of what I am capable of, sending my life’s calling to voicemail. But recently, I woke up.

If that resonated with you, STOP SLEEPING. Grab your calling, make your plan, and get on it. I need you. WE need you. Don’t decide to watch TV if you should be writing. Don’t do what I did, and anesthetize yourself so you didn’t have to listen to the nagging call in your heart. GET ON IT.

Make a ton of money, donate to causes that resonate with you, and get over whatever is standing in the way of you doing that.

Example: National Parks. If we ALL gave money to the national parks, do you really think they would need as much federal money? Yes, our taxes (ideally) support it, but hey, the world is abundant and so we just have to make 10% more and give that 10% to the National Parks.

I actually mathed a tiny bit, and Clinton got 59,233,484 votes. If everyone made an average of $40k/year (the national average is $51,939, but let’s lowball) and donated 10% of their income to a cause that was important to them, $236,860,332,000 would be in play toward causes of preservation, equality, charity, and kindness.

Do you know what kind of a difference that money would make? Do you know what kind of a difference your intention and energy would make?

If you are financially limited and can not afford my courses, but would like to make 10% more so you can give it to preservation, equality, charity, and kindness, send me a private message and we will work something out.

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