How I got to India, what we spent, and if it is feasible for you…

Many people have expressed jealousy about my trip to India, so if you want to plan your trip, here’s some information about costs.

The ticket there was $570, tax included, round trip. This, I found, was a pretty average airfare if you shop around a little.

The biggest expense was hotel and airfare within the country. If you don’t want to travel on airlines at the last minute, and make your own hotel reservations (read the reviews), you can probably get by with about $30-$50/day. If you don’t mind staying in people’s homes, you can do it even cheaper. I bet you could do it for $10/day, all included. If you do want to go with a travel agent, I recommend Chandeep (tagged in the comments), since he organized everything for us.

A big expense for me were vaccines, which weren’t covered by my insurance. Including the post-trip Hepatitis shots, that will be about $500. If you have kaiser, I think they cover all the vaccines in their travel clinic.

If you want to go on the cheap, stay in home stays and mindfully eat well-cooked food (a good meal is about $5, no drinks included).

If you are a digital nomad (working from the road), the time difference is a pain in the butt, and WiFi isn’t nearly as prevalent or consistent as I need for my work. It just wouldn’t work for me if I had a full time job.

I signed up for the international adjustment on AT&T for $10/day to use my existing data plan. Yes, that was a lot, and cell service was spotty, even then, but being able to stay in touch with friends and get photos from home, and for Russ and I to wish each other good night and good morning in our respective time zones was well worth it.

All in, I believe it ended up being about $2k for 2 weeks, not including vaccines, which I imagine y’all have health insurance for.

Any other questions about financial and/or logistics?

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