Mopeds: monorail family transport.

I can’t believe I only took two photos of this phenomenon: Whole families on the back of a moped, usually with the woman sitting side-saddle on the back, often on the freeway or other high-speed environment. The woman on the back of the pleasure bike looks very sad, but for the most part, women were smiling and laughing. It seems like a fun family activity. I saw no accidents at all, despite the reasonably chaotic way of driving down often incredibly narrow old streets.

Transportation in India is one of the most amazing things I saw here. I am delighted and impressed.

Today, we come back to Delhi and stay near the airport to board the flight home at 3:00 am tomorrow morning. The flight home will take about 20 hours, with a 4 hour layover in Beijing.

I didn’t expect to love India as much as I did. It’s a complicated country with challenges I see them mightily struggling to resolve. Infrastructure is sorely lacking – they don’t have trash pickup where we stayed in Cochin, so people either throw trash on the ground, or burn it. There are few regulations, so many homes aren’t built to code. Few power lines seem professionally done, and many of the posts look tangled with vines that are abandoned power cords, dangling uselessly, and maybe dangerously. There are SO MANY PEOPLE everywhere. The population is about 1 billion more than the US, in a geographic area about 1/3 the size of the US, in a country facing water and other resource shortages.

It is both a very young country, since the British only withdrew about 70 years ago, and a very old country, since traditions go back thousands of years. I look forward to seeing what happens with India in my lifetime, since I know the country will accomplish great things.

I’ll compile some travel notes in a future post, in terms of how to get here and stuff like that.

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