How to sell to 122,000 times as many people as you do today (and totally not worry about the competition)

I was trying to make an infographic to show how many more people you could reach by making your online presence stronger, and I came up with this:

(see bottom of article for numbers used)

I was trying to show the relative size of your market if you’re selling in each of these places. Pretty neat idea, right?

Except the size of the customer base of “friends and family” and “farmer’s market” were so small that they don’t even register on the infographic.

Why confine yourself and your business to such a small pond?

If you’re like most makers, you didn’t start your business to become an internationally distributed power-brand. You enjoyed making something, you made it well, and people loved it, so they bought it from you.

Eventually, some switch flipped and you thought, “You know what? I could do this for a living.” And – VOILA! – you started a business!

And you started dealing with things like costs, and the economies of scale, and your business grew and grew, and then you had to sell a certain amount now that you’re depending on the income and you’ve made all this investment…

… and then someone local moves in a couple booths down from you, and you see other people going to their booth at the farmer’s market, and GAH HOW COULD THEY?

It bothers you, of course, because there’s scarcity.

There are only so many people coming to your market, and so many dollars to go around. So if someone spends money over there, they’re not spending money with you.

Online, people are spending $294 billion. That’s what the new-age gurus might call “limitless abundance”

In 2015, 200 million digital shoppers spent an average of $1,700/person.[3]

If you’re feeling frustrated with your local sales, don’t just feel frustrated and rue your competition, walk yourself to a bigger pond.

And this particular pond doesn’t require any schlepping at all. Heck, you don’t even have to change out of your pajamas on most days.

Consider these stats (provided by this source):

Only 28% of U.S. small businesses are selling their products online.

60% of adult Americans are happy to know they won’t have to shop in a crowded mall or store.

Almost 20% of U.S. retail sales come during the Christmas shopping season.

The average U.S. shopper expects to spend $718 on holiday gifts.

41% of independent retailers rate social media as a “very effective” marketing tactic.

44% of online shoppers begin their product search using a search engine. (find out how to best show up in search engines in my “6 Weeks to Search Engine Superstar” class)

91% of eCommerce retailers saw a lift in their search engine rank thanks to social referrals.

(As a side note, your success on Amazon will be greatly bolstered by your search engine optimization skills, since Amazon is pretty much just a gigantic product search engine).

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Potential Customers:
Friends and Family: 700
Farmer’s Market: 20,000 (generously)
Etsy Shoppers: 25,000,000 [1]
Shopify Shoppers: 35,000,000 (guess)
Amazon Shoppers: 244,000,000 [2]

[1] Source:
[2] Source:
[3] Source:

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