NaBloWriMo? Anyways, the first of a month of posts

I saw a talk by Ana at View Source Conference last week that reminded me how important blogging is / could be to me, and I decided that instead of NaNoWriMo, I’d see if I could write one blog post every day for a month. I have tried (and both succeeded, and failed, at different times) this challenge before, but if you know my writing, you know that I think failure is nothing unless we assign meaning to it. Without meaning, the failure is just a thing that didn’t happen the way I hoped it would.

So here we are again, working on the blog (or my other blog, which I may update also).

I had intended to write a long piece about my weird trip to the Louvre (where you can eventually see such sure-fire hits as my “LOUVRE feet,” at right), but instead decided to open with the reason I’m going to be writing more now (hopefully).

I enjoy writing, mostly (unless I’m writing a book, which is actual torture designed to ruin lives), so the idea of blogging regularly is not just familiar, it’s downright friendly!

But also, life happens.

And in this month, life is going to happen a lot. I’m currently in Paris (you know, where The Louvre is), and we’re about to hop on a train back to London, and then Saturday, I’m flying back to Sacramento, then Monday, I’m leaving for San Mateo for the Quickbooks Connect Conference (because small business conferences!!!! wooo!), then, the following week, my friend from Australia (the legendary Belinda Hellyeah!) and I are driving to Joshua Tree for a few days (I’m exhausted just writing that all out).

And then I’m back home from the 18th of November through the 8th of December, and then I’m gone for another week – this time, to Orlando for the Mozilla All Hands.

I want and enjoy a life of travel and adventure, so this is all by design, but I guess I’m just disclaiming to say that probably most of everything I write will be written in transit or under duress.

But it’s best left said, rather than unsaid, however imperfectly. Here we go.