The Manuscript Has Been Submitted! – or – The Long Write Home

Writing: it's what I do.It’s late, and I’m tired. But I committed to writing 500 words per day on a public forum, so here I am.

This has been very much the experience of writing YOU-NICORN, and now my newest book, the to-be-named one about how to find a job you love, that suits your personality and passions. Every day for the past week, I have written 1,500 words on the manuscript per day. The only reason I gave myself today off is because – HUZZAH – I sent the manuscript to my publisher.

1,500 words isn’t a lot to a seasoned writer, and it is becoming not-a-lot to me. I’m amazed at how much quicker I write these days, now that I have committed to assembling these mountains of words in a readable order.

The manuscript is good. It’s in its (very) first draft form. I know many people say just to submit a shitty first draft, but my drafts are always legible, with massive holes. And then I send it to the publisher, Happily Ever After Press, and they read it over and let me know both directionally and structurally what improvements I need to make.

But it’s going to be a good and helpful book. I know that already. And that’s what helps me keep going.

It’s hard to find a job you love.

Our lives are so short, and we spend so much of them stuck in jobs that we don’t love.

I remember several years ago, when Russ (my husband) and I were first dating, I thought, “How is it possible I stayed with so many other people for so long, just so I wouldn’t be alone? And all the while, I was pushing off the relationship I was meant to be in, because I was fussing around with these people who were fundamentally just not suited for me.”

By staying in an ill-fitting relationship, I was blocking the relationship of my dreams.

Now, it turns out that Russ was also doing some similar work on his own stuff, so it wouldn’t have been the right time for us anyways, but the point still stands, and I think it really applies very strongly here too:

As long as you’re sitting in a job you don’t like “because you have to,” you’re keeping the door closed for a job of your dreams.

The other day, when I was writing the chapter about cover letters (because they’re so important and also they’re fricken’ difficult to write), I happened to overhear the conversation of the woman next to me. She was offering someone a job, talking with them about the details of compensation, and giving them a deadline on an offer. Could this be a coincidence? I think not!

After her call, I leaned over and asked if she was a recruiter. She affirmed she was. I asked if I could chat with her about cover letters and jobs, since I happened to be writing a book.

She gladly engaged me in some delightful conversation, and in return, I asked her if she had any positions she really needed filling. She gave me the title of VP of Customer Acquisition… and it just so happens that I know of someone who might enjoy this exact job. It’s remote, so they don’t have to go into an office. It’s for a quickly growing company, so it will be fun.

I passed the position on to a couple friends who I thought might be interested, and hey, maybe something will happen, or maybe nothing will happen, but it’s my duty to pursue every opportunity that the universe shoves in my path, and certainly it’s hard to deny that reeked of Universal influence.

If you’re unhappy in your job, take heart. It doesn’t have to be a life sentence.

For now, just stop complaining about your job. Experience gratitude and express gratitude. I don’t care if you’re the sidewalk gum-cleaner, just express gratitude for the job you do currently have, and open yourself up to the possibility that another job is on the horizon. They’re out there waiting for you.