Our Beliefs

An excerpt from my upcoming book: YOU-NICORN: 30 days to find your inner unicorn and live the life you love

Beliefs hang out in front of our eyes like blinders or sunglasses or 3-D glasses or those rainbow-prism glasses, and literally everything is affected by them.

A friend of mine had eye surgery about 10 years ago. You know, a pretty basic procedure at this point. But his went badly, and his cornea detached. One minute, he’d be looking at something right in front of him, and the next minute it was floating away (as his cornea floated around his eyeball—awesome.).

Our belief systems are just like this. We can lose perspective, and things that felt like they were well in our hands suddenly drift off, while other things we didn’t expect start floating into our lives. Coincidences, both positive and negative, jump in from all angles like jazz-hands wielding psychopaths. SURPRISE! JAZZ HANDS! FLAT TIRE!

Some people claim that this is the last ditch effort of your beliefs—somehow now sentient—trying to hold on to your consciousness and stay in your life. And it might feel like that.

But I think it’s much more benign, mundane, and rational.

Your perspective is changing. The things you see are changing, and the things that matter are changing. You might have gotten a flat tire before, called AAA, and forgotten about it in a few days. But now, because of everything (your entire perspective), your flat tire feels like an insurmountable obstacle.

“If you’re going through Hell, keep going.” – Winston Churchill

Right now is the critical point: There are only two places to go from here: forward, or backward. And you don’t want to go backward.

When things have gone wrong, they have actually gone right: Coaching Group Edition

Photo by Jen MooreIt all was so perfectly planned. I was going to launch the coaching group for the Kickstarter backers. They’d all have their books in hand, and would be super amped to work on the exercises.

I really figured it all out.

But then the printer took an extra week with the books, they took a little longer to send than we expected, and, though almost everyone got their books, several people didn’t. It was very frustrating and more than a little disappointing, since I really wanted everyone to be able to get their books by the new year.

Instead, they went out the week before Christmas and receipt for Christmas was kind of hit and miss. Bummer. Lessons were learned, and our next kickstarter is going to be tight as a drum.

As part of the Kickstarter, I decided to offer the month-long coaching group to start the year off right. People could get their exercises done, meet cool people, watch some videos, and we could really have some fun with it. And because the kickstarter backers had taken a little risk on me and the book, and some had even endured some frustrating delays in the delivery of their books, I’d throw them a coupon code for the coaching group so they could come in and get it for free.

Great, right?

So I posted the coupon code a few times, always only to the backers. And then someone (I don’t know who, and it doesn’t matter) shared the coupon code that was meant only for the backers. I know this, because someone used the code and asked where their book was, and I didn’t see their name on the roster. Eerk.

At this point, I started to panic. I didn’t want everyone in the world accessing all the courses that I had on the site. Usually, I charge for these things, and just giving away my content that, while not terribly profitable, at least supports the site it’s hosted on… well, it was not going to work.

Plus, we couldn’t just give away the books after everyone had paid for the books, right? No. Nope. No.

I cut off the coupon code and sent what was probably a pretty terse email saying that the coaching group was closed and that people can’t share exclusive coupon codes with everyone, PLEASE.

But then I started thinking: What is the opportunity here?

I know that the universe is trying to help me get my books on the bestseller lists, so when these things happen, there must be an opportunity here that will help us get our book into the bestseller list.

And then it hit me: Offer the coaching group free for people who bought the book.

Danielle Vincent signing books
Photo by Jen Moore

Twice a year, I can run the coaching group for absolutely free. I personally believe that you have to do the exercises to get a benefit from them (hey, I wrote the book, so of course I’d think that…), and numerous studies have shown that you’ll be held accountable if you do the exercises in a group setting, so why not help people do the exercises in the book and connect with other like-minded awesome people? For free?

I mean, what’s the real goal here? The real goal is to make an impact. And selling the books isn’t the thing that will make the impact, the thing that makes the impact is doing the exercises and connecting with other people.

It’s a new idea. I don’t think any other books come with a free coaching group. But I’m going to give it a try.

You can pre-order the book and sign up for the May 2018 coaching group here.