The Skeptic’s Reason to Write Down Your Goals

You’re too jaded for this woo-woo “The Universe Conspires” stuff, and you’re too smart for this logical pain-in-the-butt writing down stuff.

Who needs it, right?

You’ve got a good idea of your goals, and if anyone asks you, you’ll have a great answer of exactly what you’re looking for — it’s specific enough. So why bother with all this paper and ink bullshit?

I’ve read tons of interviews and biographies about successful people. I’ve read books on productivity. I’ve sat through webinars and expensive course videos. They all say to write down your goals.

Seriously, look it up. I’ll wait. (actually, no, I have other things to do)

So if all these successful people say you should write down your goals, and writing down your goals takes approximately a few hours every year, and reviewing them takes a couple minutes every day, why not just do it and take your chances if it doesn’t work?

Worst case scenario, you’ve wasted a couple hours of your life.

I did the math, and the very generous 20 hours you could spend working on goals makes up 0.00285% of your life. I’m all for efficiency, and that seems like a fine amount of time to gamble.

Best case scenario, you actually fulfill your greatest vision for your life.

I mean, WHOA.

It just so happens I’m teaching a totally free class on writing goals. I’m so passionate about writing goals that I’ll hold your hand (or kick your butt) through the process.

What have you got to lose?

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